>Jesse Tweedle

jt <- function(data) {
  if (is_appropriate) {
    result <- data %>% do_econometrics()
  else {
    result <- data %>% scatterplot()

Simulating A/B testing and experiment data

6 minute read Published:

Why bother with covariates in A/B testing?

7 minute read Published:

Open Canada 🇨🇦 Audit with R: C+

16 minute read Published:

Canada's open data portal gets a C+. Get ready for a million tables describing the metadata-only API and the sometimes open data links they provide.

Measuring URL health in R

5 minute read Published:

A way to measure health of a list of URLs in R using httr and purrr.

Parliament's gender problem

11 minute read Published:

A look at digital copies of Canadian parliamentary debates 1994--2017, showing gender imbalance in both number of speakers and time pattern of speakers.

Jalen v. Shaq as baby names

2 minute read Published:

Was Jalen Rose really the first Jalen?

A dog diet base rate fallacy

4 minute read Published:

There are 70 million dogs in the US. Those dogs on raw food diets are much more likely to cause salmonella infections in humans than on dry (kibble) food diets.

A data viz that asks questions: Friends time series ggplots

5 minute read Published:

A Friends time series #rstats ggplot that tries to give you more questions than answers.

Friends Title Generator, Part 2: parts of speech

8 minute read Published:

This post includes a R code script to generate Friends episode titles, focusing on using parts of speech.

Random sampling: replicate v. rep

2 minute read Published:

A short post to describe repeatedly randomly generating objects.