>Jesse Tweedle

🤓 Econometrics + data science. See full version.

Employment 💸

Research Economist — Statistics Canada, 2014–Current

Education 🎒

PhD, Economics — University of Calgary, 2018 (expected)

Publications 📘

  1. Correlated shocks within firms”. Economics Letters, Volume 163, February 2018, Pages 95–97.
  2. A Hotelling style model of spatial competition for a convenience good”, with B. Curtis Eaton. 2012. The Annals of Regional Science, Vol. 49, Issue 2, 2012, pp. 447–469.

Working Papers 📓

  1. The Microfoundations of Aggregate Volatility: Productivity or Network Asymmetry?” (Submitted.)
  2. Going the Distance: Estimating the Effect of Provincial Borders on Trade when Geography (and Everything Else) Matters”, with Robert Bemrose and Mark Brown. (Submitted.)
  3. Firm Networks, Borders and Regional Economic Integration”, with W. Mark Brown and Afshan Dar-Brodeur. (R&R.)